Studio 3D Brows mission is to make the modern, woman who doesn’t have much time, feel safe and beautiful always. Our range of eyelash treatments, performed by our specialists, will transform your eyes, which means you can wake up every morning with perfect eyelashes, without the need of mascara.

Classic Lashes:

These are achieved hair by hair, giving a natural look, lengthening and providing volume to the client’s own eyelashes.

Value: US$ 149

  • One Week Touch-Up: US$ 60
  • Two Weeks Touch-Up: US$ 75
  • Three Weeks Touch-Up: US$ 90
  • Removal US$ 20
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Natural 3D Lashes:

Very similar to the classic ones, however the effect is achieved with several hairs together, more filling and different sizes are used.

Value: US$ 199

  • One Week Touch-Up: US$ 70
  • Two Weeks Touch-Up: US$ 90
  • Three Weeks Touch-Up: US$ 110
  • Removal: US$ 20
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Glam Lashes:

Achieve a more dramatic look by filling in the eyebrows with interlocking hairs for more volume.

Value: US$ 299

  • One Week Touch-Up: US$ 110
  • Two Weeks Touch-Up: US$ 130
  • Three Week Touch-Up: US$ 150
  • Removal: US$ 30
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Friday Night Lashes:

They are continuous eyelashes, with different shapes and sizes that will help you achieve different looks, faster. Usually takes around 15 minutes. 

Value: US$ 30

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Lash Lift:

It is a treatment for natural lashes that is performed to stretch the hair, creating an effect of greater length, thickness and curl. With this treatment the eyelashes will look denser, without the need for eyelash extensions.

Value: US$ 90

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Lash Removal:

So you don’t damage your natural lashes, when removing your eyelash extensions, we recommend professional care with specialized products.

  • Classic & Natural Lash removal     Value: US$ 20
  • Glam Lash removal                          Value: US$ 35
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