No, people tend to confuse it, the first difference is that the Tattoo is permanent, the semi-permanent make-up procedure lasts approximately 1 year and a half to 2 years, the color degrades in the same tone and the first layer of the skin is worked on.

The pigments we use are different, those of the tattoo artists, the base of the pigment are primary colors, that is why over time they degrade in blue, green, reddish, gray, etc. tones, the dermograph is different, the needles are different and the main difference it is in the depth that the skin is worked on.

It lasts approximately 1 year and a half to 2 years, depending on the client's skin type and the activities carried out.

The time in the cabin will depend on the procedure to be performed. It ranges from 1 hour to 2 hours.

If I have a previous procedure on my eyebrows, can I have the procedure done?

The recommendation is that you do not perform any semi permanent makeup procedure until after breastfeeding.

Without any inconvenience, since we work on the first layer of the skin.

Our pigments do not degrade in other shades, their base remains the same color.

Yes, the pigments used are hypoallergenic.

Of course, these techniques are designed to be performed both on people with heavy brows and on people who have absolutely no eyebrows.

People who have undergone peeling, botox or another procedure on the face that involves the eyebrow area and peeling of the skin, it is not recommended until 2 weeks after the treatment.

Yes, you can go about your normal daily life.

Yes, oily skin tends to last a little less than other skin types, but it doesn't mean that your procedure will be affected.

At the end of your procedure, you will be given a list of care that you must carry out so that your procedure is as long as possible.

At the time of your appointment, the specialist will indicate the procedure that best suits your type of eyebrows and face contour.

The touch-ups will depend on the procedure that is performed, if it is semi permanent makeup, after 30 to 45 days one should be done, the eyelashes are recommended after 2 weeks.

You can go to the beach, what is not recommended is that you take direct sun in the area where the procedure was performed. You can wear a hat, cap, or anything that avoids direct contact with the sun.

You can exercise, what is not recommended is to have excessive sweating (No cardio, no cycling.)

For sure! Hair simulation is great for those purposes.



3D eyelashes last approximately 20 to 25 days, it is recommended that every 2 weeks a touch-up be performed to keep them always thick.

It lasts approximately 1 hour in cabin.

We currently have a highly effective glue for people who are allergic.

No study has confirmed that the use of semi-permanent eyelashes causes alopecia in the eyelashes, the eyelashes have a natural cycle of growth and fall.

In the first 24 hours, do not get wet, do not run your hands over your eyes, try not to do it face down at bedtime, are some of the recommendations.

Yes, what you should not do is get the area where the procedure was performed wet, do not sunbathe either. This applies to recent lash posture and semi-permanent makeup.

The touch-up must be done as soon as the client understands that he needs it.

The price of the touch-up will depend on the time and condition of the procedure.

It is totally normal for some to fall out, one daily sheds eyelashes, as they are attached to each other, the client notices them more. In case there are many, the ideal is for the client to go through our studios for an evaluation.