Studio 3D Brows is more than just semi-permanent makeup…

…it’s an experience of change that celebrates the best version of our clients.

We are artists inspired by the enhancement of the harmony and natural beauty of the face, specialized exclusively in semi-permanent cosmetic and professional paramedical makeup.

Our services, products and standards go hand in hand with the cosmetic revolution, and the advanced technology allows us to achieve natural results, raising the service proposal and the quality of the results.


Mariela Ventura

An outstanding professional in the aesthetics and dermopigmentation field in the Dominican Republic. Certified by the must prestigious schools worldwide in countries such as England, Greece, Serbia and Russia, among others. In her vast trajectory she has been recognized as an avant-garde professional, mainly for the fact of being the pioneer in the technique of dermopigmentation in the Dominican Republic.

Mariela, began this project over 4 years ago with the innovative Studio 3D Brows proposal; looking to fulfill and improve the Dominican beauty industry in such a way that the natural standards of beauties were kept, and at the same time customers could have a money and time-saving option for both men and women.

What motivates her? Empower the individual with his/her self-esteem.


Service Promise

We ensure a quality experience, using your face as our canvas to achieve the best version of your natural beauty.